LOG will hold an exhibition and installation with Ayoo .
3/30 (Sat) – 4/19 (Fri)
Ayoo exhibition “Utatane”
Opening with the sound of Hideyuki Hashimoto’s foot-stomping organ.
Please enjoy the installation of Utsuwa/ceramic works and Keshiki/video works in the space of LOG.

Saturday, March 30
Opening event: Performance by Hideyuki Hashimoto
Admission: 4,000 yen / capacity of 40 people

Ayoo’s artworks on display for sale / artist in the gallery

Haruhitoyo (One Night in Spring)
Ayoo’s artworks and a video installation.
A small cup with sea glass will be presented. Please enjoy the one-night-only exhibition while listening to the story behind the creation of the work.
Admission: 6,500 yen/ capacity of 30 people

March 31 (Sun.)
Ayoo’s artworks on display and for sale / artist in the gallery

4/1 (Mon) – 4/19 (Fri)
Exhibition and sale at the LOG SHOP

A unit based in Amakusa, an island in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, that produces pottery.
Utsuwa / ceramic artist Naoki Kanazawa
Keshiki / director Sachi Ayoo