We have started selling original Kadhi Towels and Room Socks in our online store.They are carefully made by taking time to maximize the quality of the materials, at its online store.

LOG Kadhi Towel

The fabric is made of Maki Textile Studio’s Kadhi cotton.
The original design with a line of sage green is LOG’s library color.
From the winter of 2023, the guest room towel will also be redesigned with this one.

Simple and easy to handle Kadhi towels.
Please use them in various scenes in your daily life.

Size: approx. 32 cm x 52 cm (excluding fringe)
Material: 100% Kadi cotton
Price:4,840 yen(taxincluded)

Maki Maki Textile Studio
Maki Textile Studio has studios in Akiruno City, Tokyo, and in India.
Most of the products are spun, dyed, and woven by hand by local craftsmen in the studio in India.
Studio Mumbai, the architectural group that created LOG, design Maki Textile’s  studio in India.

LOG’s Room Socks

An experience of being wrapped in something white and soft.
Feel the material with bare feet or spend a comfortable time with socks on.
We hope that the time you spend in LOG will be a “gentle moment”.
We have selected these products with this wish in mind.

Imabari” is a towel production area surrounded by the beautiful and calm sea of Setouchi.The towels are produced in Japan using carefully selected materials and high-quality water.

Material: Organic cotton
This material is environmentally friendly, chemical-free, and allows you to feel the original softness of cotton.The fibers are elastic and remain soft and fluffy even after repeated washing.

Color: Ivory
S: 22-24cm
M: 25-28cm